Clutch Cargo Bottle
Clutch Cargo Bottle
Clutch Cargo Bottle

Clutch Cargo - Double IPA

C’mere and give Clutch Cargo a smooch. This Double IPA pours deep brass with a fine, off-white head that smacks of grapefruit and fresh mango. Pucker up for citrus, melon and resinous Amarillo® and Mosaic® hop flavors over a biscuity, caramel malt palate. Medium-bodied with a mild alcohol warmth, Clutch Cargo finishes with lingering hop resin and citrus peel.

Grilled meats with tomato and brown sugar-based barbecue sauce, e.g. Kansas City-style, compliment Clutch Cargo’s citrus fruit flavors; for a vegetarian twist, try smoked tofu burnt-ends. Sharp cheddar, Stilton-style blue, or any robust cheese will make an agreeable pairing, too.

1/6 BBL (N/A Milw.) | 1/4 BBL (Milw. only.)

  • Quarter Barrel

    7.75 gallons

  • Sixth Barrel

    5.16 gallons

  • Cases

Product Codes

1/12 oz - 7 46546 00014 1


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