My Turn Series: David Bottle
My Turn Series: David Bottle
My Turn Series: David Bottle

My Turn Series: David - Weihnachtsbockbier

David brewed a Weihnachtsbockbier because he wanted to see how many letters of the alphabet would fit on a bottle. This one enters the glass deep honey brown with a crimson hue. The rocky tan head emits dried berry, plum, and caramel malt aromas. The medium-full mouthfeel delivers plum and dried fruit flavors first, followed by toffee, caramel, and mild roasty notes. My Turn: David finishes semi-crisp with lingering dried fruit and caramel. Grab one and stuff some stockings.
Like its Doppelbock cousin, My Turn: David is “liquid bread”, and will pair well with a thick slice of aged Swiss or Gruyére cheese. The festive holiday flavors of roast game bird, like goose or duck, will accent this beer’s caramel malts, too.

  • Half Barrel

    15.5 gallons

  • Quarter Barrel

    7.75 gallons

  • Sixth Barrel

    5.16 gallons

  • Cases

    4/6/12oz Bottles (355 ml)

Product Codes

1/12oz - 7 46546 00026 4
6/12oz - 7 46545 00058 5


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