Eazy Teazy Bottle
Eazy Teazy Bottle
Eazy Teazy Bottle

Eazy Teazy - Lo-Cal Green Tea Ale

Low-calorie with taste up the yin-yang! Brewed with green tea, oolong tea and a lively dose of Lemondrop™ hops, the light biscuit flavor, brisk herbal notes and snappy hint of citrus bring lo-cal and topnotch taste together like yin and yang. It’s crisp. It’s fresh. It’s Eazy Teazy®: the easy-drinking, tea-infused 99 Calorie Craft ale.

  • Cases

    2/12/12oz can

Product Codes

1/12 oz - 7 46546 00018 9
12/12 oz - 7 46546 00111 7


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Organic & Gluten-Free

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