Local Acre Bottle
Local Acre Bottle
Local Acre Bottle

Local Acre - American Double / Imperial Pilsner

Local Acre is the first beer since prohibition that has been made with 100% ingredients that have been grown and processed in the state of Wisconsin. A distinctly wonderful home-grown flavor comes from the hops and barley being grown in the state’s beautiful summer climate and sandy loam soil that makes this brew a one of a kind Wisconsin original.

The organic 6-row lacey barley from a hard-working farm in Columbus gives Local Acre its malty-sweet backbone, hazy golden straw color and generous body. Diligent farmers in Hortonville and Mazomanie supply Nugget and Cascade hops for a delicate bitterness with a mild hop flavor and a slightly citrus aroma.

Taste the soul of Wisconsin and you will find a well-balanced, unfiltered, homegrown lager with an ample body, yet a crisp, pilsner-like finish.

Pair this one like a pilsner: Wisconsin grass-fed beef hamburger, topped with a slice of Wisconsin Gouda cheese, on a hard roll.

Draft is available in Illinois and Wisconsin.

  • Half Barrel

    15.5 gallons

  • Quarter Barrel

    7.75 gallons

  • Cases

    12/22 oz Bottles (650 ml)

Product Codes

1/22oz - 7 46546 00043 1

Organic & Gluten-Free

From the country's first organic beer to the country's first Gluten Free beer to be granted label approval by the U.S. Government, we have the perfect brew to fit your lifestyle.

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