Shifter Bottle
Shifter Bottle
Shifter Bottle

Shifter - Pale Ale

The five-speed blend of Cascade, Centennial, Cashmere, El Dorado and Amarillo hops in Shifter kick the strawberry, peach and apricot flavors into high gear, while pale malted wheat keeps it a smooth ride.

1/2 BBL | 1/6 BBL (N/A Milw.) | 1/4 BBL (Milw. only)

  • Half Barrel

    15.5 gallons

  • Quarter Barrel

    7.75 gallons

  • Sixth Barrel

    5.16 gallons

  • Cases

    4/6/12oz nr

Product Codes

1/12oz - 7 46546 10180 0
6/12oz - 7 46546 10680 5


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