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Lakefront Brewery Now "One of Those Extreme Metal Breweries"


MILWAUKEE (April 1, 2016) – Lakefront Brewery, Inc. announced today a change in its image and direction. According to a statement from Brewery President, Russ Klisch, Lakefront is “one of those extreme metal breweries, now.” The change comes after spending over 28 years as a Milwaukee-centric, “everyman” brewery.

The inspiration came to Klisch after Merciful Fate’s 1983 album, Melissa, got stuck in the CD player of the company truck, “I had no idea what I was hearing, or how it got in there in the first place,” said Klisch, “but after about a month of hearing King [Diamond] shrieking, it started to grow on me.” Klisch explained his affinity for heavy metal during his time in college, citing Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and Blue Öyster Cult as some of his favorites. The newfound metal obsession basically picks up where he left off. “I remember looking for heavier stuff, back then,” recalls Klisch, “but I gave up after Grand Funk [Railroad] broke up.”

The brewery unveiled a new logo, added blackened salmon to the Friday fish fry menu, and now boasts mandatory corpse paint for all brewery tour guides. Additionally, several extreme metal-themed beers are slated for release throughout 2016: Countess Bathory Imperial Red Ale, Immortal Rytes Rye IPA, Dunkelheit Black Lager, and The Family Gose Sour Ale.


New Lakefront Brewery Logo

Pictured: Lakefront Brewery's new logo.



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