Privacy Policy

Lakefront Brewery, Inc. values the privacy of our website visitors and customers. Lakefront Brewery does not sell any personal information to other companies.

In keeping to the highest web standards, we would like to detail what information we use, and how we use it:

Server Logs

Our application servers store your IP address in standard server logs. We use your IP address to diagnose problems, optimize, and maintain our servers. We also may use this information in aggregate to review statistics.


We use cookies to keep track of your individual session state. This also allows us to differentiate you from another visitor or customer.

We do not belong to any group that tracks users across web sites.

Contact and Personal Information

We reserve the right to share a visitor's and customer's contact and personal information with individuals and/or entities for legitimate purposes such as copyright infringement claims brought against a member for the images found in it. We would use this information only as necessary.

If we do use mailing lists for advertising or promotional purposes, we will always have a clear mechanism for you to remove yourself from future mailings.

We may require information for shipping and billing. We may use this information for promotional purposes if you explicitly granted us permission. Without explicit permission, we will not use any addresses gathered through our service except for order processing.